Carmen/ The State of Exception

Carmen is European intercultural dialogue; inspired by a Pushkin poem, the story of a Spanish gypsy, written as a novella in French. Many of the story’s key themes are central to the question of what it is to be European. Many countries believe that Carmen is in some special sense “theirs”. And so in re-telling this story through a partnership which represents “old” and “new” Europe, we can produce a new adaptation which brings these trans-European themes alive.   

Jonathan Banatvala

The partnership for this project brings together:

  • Moving Theatre (lead partner, a UK production company)
  • Radio Romania International (International broadcaster),
  • Theatre Ephemeride (French theatre),
  • Radio and Association Green Wave (Georgian NGO and Radio organization)
  • Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre (Georgian theatre)


The project is building on the exploration and the achievements of the work of each partner.

Association and Radio Green Wave under this whole project created 1 day performance by the artist – Nadja Tsulukidze and 2 day live-streamed event, where working process and discussions  became a public performance with the interaction of the audience, where each participant was a performer at the same time. The audience could follow the performance live in Internet and influence the discussions through a forum  published on the same website