Ready for Love or Seven Fragments of Identity

‘Ready for Love or Seven Fragments of Identity’ is an autobiographical performance, based on my personal stories linked with political events.

I construct my personal history, as a reflection on my historical context. Being born in the Soviet Union and educated in the West allows me to draw a geographically fragmented line. Living in different cultural surroundings, being shaped by different cultural values I see myself, as a product ‘made in East/West’. For this work I employ the strategies of Documentary Theatre, using videos, photos, dance and text to construct the fragmented narrative of identity.

In this performance I am the author, the performer and I am my own biographical material.

‘Ready for Love or Seven Fragments of Identity’ is a collage of ‘Guruli Marseillaise’, soup bubbles, 1980 Olympics, ‘Samaia’, Grandpa Brejnev, love letters and politics.

Concept and performance- Nadia Tsulukidze

Dramaturgy advice- Bojana Mladenovic and Andreas Bachmair

DasArts Master Project

Supported by the Open Society Georgia Foundation