This ongoing performance project is constructed around the communication technique of flag semaphore which was widely used in the maritime world in the 19th century. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by the position of two hand-held flags. Our SIGNS semaphore interventions investigate the modes of contemporary communication by re-shaping an outdated, long distance communication tool. It allows us to reflect physically and mentally upon notions of readability, intimacy and the human desire to give statements.

Check out the different SIGNS elements – the language course, the archive of forgotten signals, the dancing guerrilla and the flagmessenger APP on the project website.

concept and direction: Jochen Stechmann in collaboration with Birgit Wieger

performers: Floris Dahlgrün, Matias Daporta Gonzales, Sijas De Groot, Ludmilla Euler, Sarah Kate Gardener, Gonny Gaakeer, Jakob Proyer, Phillippe Rives, Sergio Rueda, Jochen Stechmann, Nadia Tsulukidze, Yvonne Van Den Akker, Luc Van Esch, Rocco Vermijs, Birgit Wieger

set design archive: Ole Kloss

costumes: Birgit Wieger

camera, montage: Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Dercks