Workingmaking Out

Sexuality and Truth – The next Challenge

Video lectures and live trailer by Matias Daporta and Jochen Stechmann
(première on 20th October 2015 in Theater Frascati Amsterdam)

In the late 70’s, Jane Fonda’s physical workout system not only empowered a whole generation of women. It also created a complete new market based on individual emancipation through physical exercise. We looked at this workout as a selftechnology in the sense of Michel Foucault. Digging into the material, we discovered that Fonda subliminally employs erotic co-notations, almost as if she would also be training sexuality. Which brought us back to Foucault´s thoughts on sexuality and truth, we deconstructed and reshaped Fonda´s material, intertwining all with our personal story’s. After all, the brain is just a muscle.

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As a result, we present you a performative trailer of the physical and mental practice that we are currently developing. In it’s final form, Workingmaking Out will consist of a series of video lectures introducing a set of experiments and truth procedures for individual or shared practice at home (or at any other place). Practicing Workingmaking Out will enable individuals to reflect on their sexual behavior and desires, allowing them to transform these according to their own needs and therefore improve their physical and mental well being, independent from the notion of love.